Benedictine Monastery
Tanby, Yeppoon

"ListenÖand incline the ear of your heart"

(Rule of St Benedict)
Benedictine Monastery  

We are a small community of nuns living monastic life in Central Queensland . Drawing on the Benedictine monastic tradition, we seek to live an Australian style of contemplative life, that resonates with the richness and beauty of our local area.

Inspired by the wisdom of St Benedict, our days are structured around the central pillars of his spirituality: prayer, work and reading.

Prayer is as necessary to us as breathing. As individuals and as a community, prayer forms the ground on which we stand and it opens us to the sky of Godís love. Each day we have times of communal prayer, what we call the Divine Office.  This term comes from the Latin opus Dei.  By this we mean not only the work God does in us, calling us together to sing Godís praises, but also, the work that we do standing before God praying with the Church for all in our world.  We also have daily times of meditation and reflection. 

Our lifestyle is structured to foster a contemplative spirit.  While this may appear restrictive in many ways, for us, it gives the freedom to seek infinite vistas in a confined space.  

We share in Godís creative spirit, in the common experience of humanity and we  earn our income.  Craft work, especially , calligraphy and leatherwork, are our main occupations but we are open to any form of work that can be done within the monastery and that can foster a contemplative spirit.    Our small retreat area is open to people wanting a quiet place for reflection.  

Lectio divina
(divine reading) is an ancient and time-honoured way of reflective prayer.  Jesus, the Word become flesh, continues to come to us through the Scriptures.  As well, he can speak to our hearts through the words of other people.  By reading we seek to open ourselves to the Wisdom of God that comes through so many voices. 

We have a small, excellent religious library, which is open to the people of our parish.

Each day, we pray for all in need.  If you have any need or intention for which you would like us to pray, please contact us at or ring 07 4939 7193.  

Benedictine Monastery of the Transfiguration
Tanby, Yeppoon, CQ
Mail address

40 Hannah Rd.

Tanby, CQ Mail Centre 4702.

 "What can be sweeter that this voice of the Lord calling us"
(Rule of St Benedict)

 "Let us prefer nothing to the love of Christ"
(Rule of St Benedict)

  40 Hannah Road
  Queensland, Austraila   4702

Phone (07) 4939 7193
Fax: (07) 4939 7198

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